Top 10 at Home Computer Business Ideas

October 18, 2016

Though home computer businesses were always popular, since the economy has taken a turn for the worst, this form of alternative income has become a central focus for many individuals and families who are trying to make ends meet under less-than-perfect circumstances. Why? Because home businesses run from your personal computer are a fantastic way to generate earnings that can either be a supplement to one you’re already earning or can even be your primary source of cash flow. They take little to no initial investment, and you can run them successfully even if you don’t have any entrepreneurial knowledge or experience to start.All you need to do is find out which idea works best for you and your lifestyle, and that you find appealing enough to keep up. Remember that not every home business is for everyone. You must choose the one you’ll be able to accomplish well and maintain for some time, and even enjoy doing at the same time.Affiliate Marketing – this is a tremendous way to get started with a home business because you can sell the hottest, most desirable, and best quality products without ever having to buy, store, or ship any of those products. The trick is that you’re actually doing the marketing for existing large reputable companies, sending them the “leads”, that is, the prospective clients. Then, you are paid for your efforts. Programs differ, but each offers you an opportunity. Some pay per lead, but that is rare. It is much more common for you to receive a commission of a flat rate or a percentage of a sale or per client who actually signs up for something. There is a great deal of money to be made through an affiliate marketing home computer business.

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E-book Sales – even if you’re not a writer, you still have the chance to sell the e-books of other people. You can do this either through an affiliate program or you can buy the rights to sell e-books from any number of sites online.Web Design – this does take a certain amount of training, skill, and knowhow, but if you have these things, then web design is a type of business that works very well from home. You will need some hardware and software to get the job done, but from then on, you can earn very good money even from a starting customer base.Accounting – if you have skills for finances and numbers then you can provide book keeping services from the comfort of your own home. You can provide these services to individuals or small businesses who need some assistance. If you’re really good, you can even buy a tax franchise in your area and offer your independent services to businesses and individuals in your area.Billing – if you have some financial skills, you can take over the billing for small businesses in your area or even medical groups such as dentists, optometrists, chiropractors, and other forms of medical practitioners.Transcription – the medical and legal industries specifically are always in need of people who can transcribe for them. If you have very strong English language skills, there are wonderfully profitable home business opportunities in this area.Consulting – if you have any form of expertise, including both knowledge and experience, then you may be able to offer your consulting services to individuals and businesses that need your advice in these areas.Interior Design – if you are creative and have a background in interior design for houses or offices (or if you’re willing to obtain that background), then this is a great opportunity to run a business out of your home and communicate over your home computer to bring in new clients and hammer out the details.

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IT Services – if you know a lot about computers, their quirks, and how to fix them, then you can run a business over your computer that will allow you to help others on a freelance basis. Small businesses and individuals alike are always suffering from errors, issues, and other kinds of problems with their computers and they need people like you to walk them through the fix. You can either talk with these people over the phone, over email, or even over a live chat. You might even be able to use a remote program to fix their computers for them from the comfort of your own home office.Freelance Writing/Editing – if writing and grammar is your strong point then being a freelance writer or editor may be for you. There is no dearth of companies needing the assistance of freelance writers. With the help of freelance sites like and, one can quickly get started by bidding on projects.Of course, there are many other kinds of computer business ideas that you can tap into over, but these are a good starting list. Think about the skills you have and see if any of them would be useful to someone looking to hire online.